As The Poet Hath Said with Richard at 7pm, Thursday
Bee In The Honeypot at 11pm, Wednesday
Best of . . . with David Hailes & Don Maguire at 2pm, Tuesday
Blues Come Down Like Hail with David Milne at 8pm-midnight, Tuesday
Blues Focus with David Coldrick at 11:00am, Wednesday
Boombox with Tayla at 1pm, Saturday
Captain Nemo: 1-4pm, Thursday
Cavalcade of Celtic Music with Tony: noon-1pm, Thursday
Remnant Church of Grace with Dennis and Fiona Brown: 10am-noon, Sunday
Easy Gardening with Jim: 9-10am Wednesday and 8-9am Saturday
Easy Street Update: 3-7pm Saturday
Epiphany Ministries: Teachings from the Bible, with Dennis and Fiona Brown, 1-2pm Tuesday
The Fishing and Boating Show with Laurence: 12-1pm Saturday
Grapevine: 10am-12 noon, Monday-Friday
Great Groups with Jim: 11am-12 noon, Monday
Great Scott at 2pm, Sunday
In the Pink with Susan: Friday, 10am-noon
Kick Back with Kobi at 4pm, Wednesday
Life Sounds with Peter Harvey at 5pm, Saturday
Music Maestro Please with David Milne: Tuesday, 5-8pm
My Kinda Music with Rod Gray at 2pm, Monday
Music, Mayhem and More with Steve and Scott at 6pm Friday
Radio Rosie with Rosie: Wednesday, 5-6pm
Rage with Ray at 4pm on Friday
Relaxin' with 'Ric with Eric Fernandez: Thursday, 4-7pm
Rhythm is Our Business with David Milne: Sunday, 5-10pm
SouthBeat with Phil Wood: Thursday, 8-9pm
Sunday Celebration, Sunday at 11am
Swinging Bluegrass with Carolyne on Wednesday, 4-5pm
The Edge with Robbie C on Saturday at 7pm
The Tasmanian Connection with Mike Raine: Monday, 8-9pm and Friday 12-1pm
Zoe's Country
Zipping Along with Zoe: Thursday, 9-10am